Transportation Crates

Cape Warwick Ltd. are able to supply a range of UN approved Transportation Crates. We have four sizes available from 20 litres through to 60 litres. All are UN approved to UN3291* for hazardous good transportation, and are both stackable and nestable for safe, easy handling. A ‘dolley trolley’ is available for the larger sizes.

As consignors of medical instruments, managers of sterilisation units have a statutory duty to ensure that the instruments are transported in packaging which conforms to dangerous good road carriage regulations. The below range of UN lidded crates, have been manufactured and stringently tested to meet these extreme requirements.

When packed according to the UN requirements, goods for sterilisation can be carried by road and each container can display information to confirm that it meets the standard of UN3291. This standard is achieved when the crate is used with a PE liner containing an absorbent material. Please contact our sales team for advice on both optional baskets and absorbent liners.

All of the crates can be securely sealed with a Tamper evident security locking feature, a reversible delivery label and a pocket can also be supplied if required.

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