One of the most important issues in Sterile Services today is the ability to easily identify and trace sets of instruments. Our tray tags essentially allow this important task of labelling items for this purpose. Available in 2 sizes and a selection of 18 colours we are also able to supply unique shades; please contact our sales department if you have a certain colour or shade you require.

The tags are supplied in multiples of 100 in a single colour:-
White Black Coffee Gold Grey Dark Green
Dark Grey Orange Buttermilk Brown Red Blue
Navy Blue Green Teal Tan Yellow Sky Blue

Tray Tag Large : Size. 90mm x 38mm Label Area : Size. 80mm x 28mm
Tray Tag Small : Size. 60mm x 28mm Label Area : Size. 50mm x 18mm

The small tags can be used alongside the standard size with labels for additional identification. All the tags can be labelled with bar code labels or notes made with a marker pen. Split stainless steel attachment rings or plastic ties provide the fixing facility to the tray

Twin Colour Tags

We are also able to supply twin colour tags for additional identification of procedures, tray contents and departments. These have a 20mm x 6mm block of contrasting colour on the lower left corner of the large tag Please contact our sales staff for details regarding colour tags to discuss suitable colour combinations

Locking Tags

Tamper evident locking tags designed to show if access has been made to critical medical equipment. Available in BLUE or RED, easily attached and removed; can be supplied with indicator dots which change colour after exposure to steam or ethylene oxide sterilisation.

Click here to view our printable Identification Tags PDF